Disruptive Entrepreneurship with a history of successes and a future of revolution.

Pardon our disruption.

In Formation Holdings

In Formation is a startup staging launchpad founded in New York and ready to head West. We build companies that embrace the future, shatter boundaries, and bring people together. All it takes is a good idea--our proven method of disruption will handle the rest.

A perfect record

In 2010 college roommates Brang Reynolds and Tim Nostrand booked a same-day flight to Wellington, New Zealand for a pitch competition and won, left college the next week, started a company, built the company from the ground up, then sold it. And it’s only gotten better since.

After our successful exit with AnastasiaVR, we built both Trendly and Snappleganger in tandem. Now we’re beginning our most ambitious project yet--a raw, unfiltered documentary about bringing up a startup from idea to exit in Silicon Valley. Interested in partnering with us?

Our core belief is that principles matter. There are no individuals in "team".

"Live your radical truth"

That’s our motto. At InFor we believe in Radical Honesty and Radical Transparency. Technology companies have a social responsibility to maintain and promote positive principles, which is why we have an in-house principle management system. Every decision is principled. Every truth is radical.

This is not your typical office. Employees spend more time thinking than typing. More time meditating than talking. More time connecting than zoning. We invite only the elite to join us.

The In Formation Podcast

A disruptive must-listen business interview podcast that unites fresh young entrepreneurs with top business professionals resulting in an information-packed easy-to-listen-to hour of fascinating perspectives and outside-the-box ideas. We discuss all things from personal anecdotes and productivity tips to growth hacks and business strategy--and hey, we might even share a few laughs along the way.